Fourth of July Art!

Celebrating the Fourth of July is so much fun for all ages – especially in Chicago!

We love these ideas for so many fun celebrations in the city and suburbs. For some creative, indoor fun, try this super simple firework Fourth of July art project for you and your little one! (And, if you’d rather leave the mess to us 😉 you’re invited to join us on Monday, July 3rd for a make & take art event along with open play between 1 – 5pm).

For this project, you’ll need:

  • empty toilet paper or paper towel rolls
  • scissors
  • construction paper
  • non-toxic, washable paint (we recommend Colorations)
  • paint trays (lids to unmatched tupperware containers work well ;))
  • paint spreader (this can be a spoon or other utensil)

Step 1: Find one or more empty toilet paper rolls

Step 2: Cut thick, thin, straight or squiggly slits into your toilet paper roll(s) on all sides

Step 3: Press down on the toilet paper roll so that the newly cut ends spread

Step 4: Pour and spread your paint so that it is in a thin layer

Step 5: Hand over the firework stamper to your little one and let them get to work on their masterpiece!







If you’d like to join us for the July 3rd make & take event, you may reserve your spot here. Free for members or free with your open play purchase!

Wishing you and your little fireworks a very happy 4th of July and we can’t wait to see you soon!

Natalie Monterastelli
Natalie Monterastelli is the Co-Owner & Executive Director of Bubbles Academy. She loves nothing more than facilitating Arts and play opportunities for teachers & little ones, including her 2-year-old firework, Mira!

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