Mediterranean Cuisine!

We started the first day of First Fall’s Taste Buddies with a very Mediterranean menu!

As our warm-up, we mashed up chickpeas for our main course: falafel! Once those chickpeas were mushed up, we added a whole bunch of spices for flavor — a pinch of cumin, some coriander and just a hint of chili powder. Then we threw in our old standbys: flour, salt and pepper!

Once all of those spices were in our chickpeas, we mixed them together, picked up the mixture with our hands and formed little patties. Brush those patties with some olive oil, put them on a baking sheet and into an oven preheated at 400 degrees and tada —  falafel complete. We also whipped up a tahini dipping sauce using some tahini paste and a bit of lemon juice.

For our second course, we concocted a flatbread sandwich. We started by chopping up a whole bunch of vegetables. We chose cucumbers and both red and green peppers (any veggie will work). Then we took pita bread and spread some hummus on top. We put our veggies on top of the hummus and finished our sandwich by sprinkling on some feta cheese.

For dessert, we made a delicious and healthy yogurt dipping sauce. We scooped some plain Greek yogurt into bowls, then poured in honey and sprinkled cinnamon on top of the yogurt. We served the yogurt with apples and pears. Delicious!

Smiles from the kitchen,

Chef Alysia

Bubbles Academy
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