Mex Fusion Meal

Our little chefs had a taste of Mex Fusion Meal!  Try at home …

We started class by shredding grilled chicken for our tacos. We placed our chicken, beans and fresco cheese on top of a corn tortilla and carefully placed them in the oven to get a nice warm shell. Next, it was time to make our chips. Buddies took funny mustache cookie cutters and fun letter shapes to create some silly chips. We placed those in the oven to get them nice and crispy.

The last thing on our menu was to whip up some yummy guacamole. Our buddies pealed their own avocado, mashed it up and added some onion, tomato, a hint of lime, and a dash of salt to create some mouthwatering dip. We had so much fun and created a wonderful meal to share together at the table!

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