Backpacking Preschoolers!

This session in Bubble Bees, our two day a week preschool program, we have been traveling all around the world! Each day after we get reacquainted with our friends during Open Play, the Bees sit together in a circle and examine our map to find out where we will be traveling. We packed our suitcases with all of the class suggested essentials including “a purple T-Rex,” “a hammer” and “an aquarium with two frogs and some rainbow rocks.”

We explored origami in Japan, the great artists of the Louvre in France and yoga in India. Last week we traveled all the way to Russia to explore the architecture of St. Basil’s Cathedral.

The letter of the day was “R for Russia.” Our Bubble Bees took a look at some of the buildings we see every day in Chicago and compared them to some of the buildings in Russia. We came to the conclusion that Russia’s buildings are more colorful, round and look suited for princes and princesses. We also noticed a lot of snow on some of the buildings in Russia. That must mean it is very cold there!

We decided to recreate one of the most beautiful buildings in Russia — St. Basil’s Cathedral. We used oil pastels, glue and glitter to make these architectural masterpieces.

On our second trip to Russia, we pointed our toes into the wonderful world of ballet. We practiced bending our knees, stretching our arms and feet, spinning and even leaping! Our Bubble Bees demonstrated all they learned in a special ballet show. During art time, we colored a beautiful ballerina and created her gorgeous tutu out of tissue paper.

Russia was a true adventure! I cannot wait to discover more new things together when we travel to Ghana, China and Brazil!

My Bubble Best,

Miss Sam

Sam teaches Bubble Prep, Bubble Step, Bubble Bees and both Music and Creative Movement classes at Bubbles Academy!

Tissue paper tutu art project!
During art time, we colored a beautiful ballerina & created her tutu out of tissue paper.