Bubble Step in the Clouds

Last week in Bubble Step class, we made cloud dough! This was a great way to foster independence and teamwork through measuring, mixing and getting messy together. First we took turns feeling the flour, and then measuring and pouring into a cup.

We then practiced measuring out one cup of Baby Oil and pouring it in the flour. The best part came next — using our hands to mix it all together! Of course, it isn’t a Bubbles’ art project without a little sparkle, so we each took turns shaking in different colors of glitter!

The students had a blast feeling the different textures, making castles and smashing the cloud dough. This easy and cost conscious project provides hours of fun. Give it a try at home!

We found the cloud dough recipe from The Imagination Tree blog. Search their site for even more cool sensory bins and projects!

My Bubble Best,

Miss Becca

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