Independence, Occupations & a bit of Biking!

Bubble Step: Students are off to a great start to our journey towards independence. Grown ups stayed in the room during week one so that everyone could get familiar with the routine of Open Play, clean up, circle time, art time, snack and story time, and of course … bubbles!

Having the caregiver in the room at first, helps to build confidence, and trust in the classroom. In week two after Open Play, ALL of the grown ups left the room, and all of the students did a wonderful job participating by themselves. I am so proud of all of my independent learners! We played with cloud dough, told stories in the camping tent, and of course, got very messy during art time. Now we are in week four — more fun and togetherness is in motion!

Bubble Bees: This session we are talking all about occupations! Week one was dedicated to farmers. We had fun meeting our new classmates as we “harvested crops”, took care of our “horses”, and finger painted some beautiful apple art as our session place mats.

Doctors were our inspiration for week two. We helped to take care of some animals in need, and discussed lots of different ways our doctors help to keep us healthy. The Bees also had some great ideas on how they could do their part to keep their own bodies healthy. Some suggestions included “taking a bath”, “washing our hands” and “riding a bike”. For our art project, we took care of some very special patients with Band-Aids and stickers. Stay tuned as we taking a closer look at the professions of chef, police officer and even president!

Bubble Prep: Before our Step and Bees students buzz upstairs in our Mountain Room, they first enjoy Bubble Prep class in the Ocean Room. This session we are talking all about different forms of transportation. Every day, we sing, dance, talk about the weather, practice our ABCs, and talk about the “vehicle” of the day.

Week one we explored the wonderful world of bicycles! With the help of their grown-ups, our Bubble Prep friends got a chance to experience all the different parts of a bike by giving Miss Becca’s Carmen Banana bike a bath! During art, we got to stamp some wheels on a bike using orange slices.

It is very exciting to see friendships, creativity and positive communication skills forming in all our classes!

Bubble Best,

Miss Sam

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