Miss Bethany, May Team Member of the Month

Once described as a rainbow, Bethany Schreck, our dazzling Communications Manager, has made Bubbles Academy a brighter and even more colorful place by being such an extraordinary team member. Bethany has a heart of gold and is truly Bubbles Academy’s gleaming cheerleader.

From the get-go, Bethany shined by tackling the colossal project of revamping our brand and website, and transforming it into it’s current self. Bethany continues to amaze us with her beautiful designs, incredible words, social media coverage and her overall supportive cheers!

Bethany is our May Team Member of the Month! Here’s what Bethany had to say at her congratulatory Q&A …

What were some of your favorite pastimes as a child?

I loved playing Barbies! I made sure my Barbies were always dressed to the nines and gave them key character changes. I had an amazing two-story dollhouse that my brilliant artist of a mom painted pastel colors!

Creating artwork was the most influential part of my childhood. I loved to draw people, my pet shitzu Tazzi and tres tres fancy (very very fancy) dresses.

When playing make-believe, what occupation would you pretend to be?

For a while I was a librarian with a library set-up in my basement. I also created my own wallpaper samples and “sold” rolls to my grandmother. One of my most favorite occupations to make-believe was Barbie Doll designer (I still have plenty of ideas and sketches today).

What do you enjoy most about working at Bubbles Academy?

The people! I adore my co-workers and the great sense of community between us all. The little ones make each day smile-worthy, and it’ a sweet treat to have my office lofted above our Ocean classroom!

Its food for the heart and a true source of inspiration to witness the youngest of people experience music, art, movement and new encounters with such uninhibited joy. Their interactions and reactions are pure magic!

What do you take pleasure in outside of work?

I have a love affair with making art to make others happy. I recently took a silk-screen class and fell in love with the process. I enjoy sending homemade cards out every week (including some of my new prints), crafting the props and costumes for Storytown, a unique improvised adventure for families, and designing for my sister’s non-profit Beverly’s Birthdays, which brings birthday celebrations to children living in homeless shelters in the Pittsburgh region.

I take true pride in being a savvy shopper (big shout-out to Kohl’s), my brother’s biggest and most vocal fan, and a loving Auntie to my new nephew Wyatt!

It’s always a fun time cheering on the improv community in Chicago, and I feel charmed to play a part in the performance by designing show posters. For me, creating artwork to both represent and to promote what will become an experience live on stage is a real hoot!

"The little ones make each day smile-worthy, and it’ a sweet treat to have my office lofted above our Ocean classroom! "