Miss Meg, February Team Member of the Month

Meg Lowndes is the epitome of positivity and truly exudes “warm fuzzies.” She plays such a key part in welcoming our families and very much so in welcoming new members of our team as Human Resources Manager.

We are so thankful for the warm sunshine Meg brings to Bubbles Academy — birthday treats, sweet responses to emails, and a genuine commitment to a proactive and friendly work culture. To the girl’s whose smile is a staple within her everyday wear, thank you!

Meg was our February Team Member of the Month. Here’s what she had to say at her congratulatory Q&A …

What were some of your favorite pastimes as a child?

My older sister and I were the best of playmates and together we took advantage of the great Iowa outdoors, especially riding our bikes, playing sports, and whether inside or outside, playing “house!”

When playing make-believe, what occupation would you pretend to be?

A teacher! After the school day, I enjoyed then playing school (while wearing high heels of course). My make-believe classroom was well stocked with old textbooks provided by my dad, a real life school principal!

What do you enjoy most about working at Bubbles Academy?

I absolutely adore my co-workers and our strong friendships (everyday is a sleepover)! We are all very grateful for the kind families that attend Bubbles Academy. To witness young newborns grow into walking, talking and sweet young individuals is a very special experience.

As Human Resources Manager, it’s such a pleasure to coordinate our interview and new hire orientation process. I very much value the opportunity to hear candidate’s stories on how they came to be who they are today.

What do you take pleasure in outside of Bubbles Academy?

Friends! Live Music! Playing fetch with my pet cat Howie!!!

I love “city living” and my exploration of Chicago never ends. My favorite place to dine would have to be Tango Sur! As a hobby, I like to experiment with home decorating projects. My kitchen chairs have recently changed colors!

My Honda and I make trips to Iowa City for tailgating and football games at the University of Iowa. My all-time favorite person to visit is my wonderful nephew!

What would you say is the something you are most passionate about?

I strive to always recognize others & their talents, and to live a positive life.

"To witness young newborns grow into walking, talking and sweet young individuals is a very special experience."