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Toddler Separation Anxiety: 5 Techniques to Help Manage

Toddler separation anxiety is totally normal — who wouldn’t feel nervous about the unfamiliarity of a new setting with many unfamiliar faces? Separating from your child can be just as stressful for you as it is for him. We keep to... To read more >>>

Emotional Development in Infants: Know the Basics

New expressions and waves of first-time feelings — the emotional development in infants is outstanding to witness and to contribute to as a parent. Guest author Angela Hunsicker, shares an outline of the basics of baby's emotional g... To read more >>>

How to Encourage Baby to Crawl: Milestone Know-How

Though times have changed, this parental fear/question is timeless: how to encourage baby to crawl? I very often worried about whether my daughter would crawl at all since we had a a very difficult tummy time experience together. It wasn... To read more >>>

10 Tips for Mindful MOMents

“Now is the only moment that matters.”  Deepak Chopra Guest Author, Annmarie Chereso, is a single mother of three awesome kids 15, 13, 9, Founder at Project Mindfulness and Co-Founder of Positively Mindful Parenting. Below are he... To read more >>>

Infant Massage: Bond & Benefit

Infant massage is a phenomenal way to bond with a new baby and can be a soothing activity for both baby and mom (or dad). Recent research shows that there are possibly multiple health benefits to massaging your little one, like bette... To read more >>>

The Lovie Project: Photo Shoots on March 6th

" ... because every lovie has a story & every child deserves a lovie." The Classic Kids Photography team are the creators of The Lovie Project. "Our mission is to provide every child at our partner shelters with a lovie of ... To read more >>>

Arts Education: A Chicago Investment & Priority

We’re right there with you, Chicago! Bubbles Academy is in high agreement with the City of Chicago when it comes to investing in the Arts to enrich our community and future. Last year, the City of Chicago’s Department of Cult... To read more >>>

Bubble Love Bugs Photo Contest

This February at Bubbles Academy, we are excited to celebrate precious first friendships — something we feel very lucky to both witness and continually nurture within our programs. "Friendship isn't a big thing - it's a million litt... To read more >>>

Toddler Biting: Clamping Down before it’s Habit

Toddler biting is in fact a normal stage of development, yet as a parent, I was horrified when my daughter sunk her teeth into her playmates arm during class. I did not want her to be labeled as “the biter,” especially because she wa... To read more >>>

Snow Day Activities: Outdoor & Indoor Exploration

Some of my favorite childhood memories of growing up are riding on our toboggan through the snow... but I grew up on a sheep farm in the country. Where do you get a toboggan, let alone the horse to pull it in the city? Snow day activiti... To read more >>>

Picky Eaters 101

Many people start the New Year wanting to change their eating habits and/or diet. Perhaps this gets you thinking about what your child does or does not eat. If you have one or more picky eaters, making these changes might be a bit more c... To read more >>>

Sleep Training: 6 Easy, Guilt-free Steps

By Eirene Heidelberger. Eirene is the founder of GIT Mom, and she’s here to help you Get It Together, Moms! She is a certified parent coach and runs a full-service coaching firm dedicated to helping moms create more time to do the acti... To read more >>>

Mindful Parenting: Dr. Debra Kissen’s 3 Pieces of Advice

Heart breaking… funny... poignant... eye opening... so many words to describe the moment my perceptive 5 year old asked me, "What do you like better, your phone or me?”  In response, I immediately stopped what I was working on a... To read more >>>

Baby Proof for the Holidays: 6 Tips

Learning how to baby proof your home for the holidays does not have to be a “Scrooge-ish” task! Here are six simple tips for preventing accidents while hosting or traveling. Remember, your child’s health and safety is the greatest ... To read more >>>

Amy Cahill of More Than Milk: Connecting Moms through Service

Amy Cahill is co-founder of the organization More Than Milk. Her mission is to provide Moms with an avenue for personal growth, inspiration, and social giving. By engaging Moms with deserving charities, More Than Milk provides organiza... To read more >>>

Toddler Art Projects: 5 Steps for Success

Take the stress out of your little Picasso's first art experience by following Miss Becca's 5 steps to consistently positive toddler art projects! Toddler art projects can seem really daunting. Here's your little one who makes a huge ... To read more >>>

Toddler Language Development: Milestones to Expect at Age 2

When it comes to toddler language development, parents often ask us, “Is my child on the right track?” The short answer: every child grows at his or her own rate! This makes it increasingly difficult for parents to recognize when the... To read more >>>

Speech Development: Milestones to Expect at Age 1

Parents frequently wonder whether or not their child is progressing typically in terms of speech development and language skills. At Chicago Speech Spot, we are often asked the question, “When will my baby start talking?” The short a... To read more >>>

Purple Food: Recipes from the Rainbow

I take you to Purple Food Day in our Kids Cooking Class: Taste Buddies — the eggplants are sliced, the Parmesan cheese is cut into small chunks, and eight perfectly portioned cups of cider vinegar sit on the table. The purple food and ... To read more >>>

Halloween: 5 Reasons this Holiday is a True Treat!

Halloween night — I still remember my fingers trembling as I reached up to ring the doorbell at my neighbors’ house. For an extremely shy, only child, approaching a stranger with the simple phrase, “Trick-or-treat” felt like a m... To read more >>>

School Readiness: Principles of Improvisation ease transition to Preschool

The chill in the air and bustle of September has turned our minds at Bubbles Academy to school readiness. We love helping families with tips on preparing for preschool. 
Last week families listened to Jane Nolan, director of Park West ... To read more >>>

Preparing for Preschool: 6 Steps to Classroom Confidence

Preparing for preschool? Our Miss Natalie and Miss Sam have witnessed many teary goodbyes and first day breakdowns. However, the two have also experienced their students reaching classroom confidence through sound encouragement and speci... To read more >>>

Fairy Tales for Kids: Activity Ideas

Our Fairy Tales for Kids week 2013 of Summer Camp (held at Catherine Cook School) was truly page turning! Each day within the Fairy Tales for Kids week focused on a different story: The Three Little Pigs, Goldilocks and the Three Bear... To read more >>>

Miss Bethany, May Team Member of the Month

Once described as a rainbow, Bethany Schreck, our dazzling Communications Manager, has made Bubbles Academy a brighter and even more colorful place by being such an extraordinary team member. Bethany has a heart of gold and is truly Bubb... To read more >>>

Mom & Tot Class: The Language Benefit for Infants and Young Toddlers

By: Gretchen Olson, Pediatric Speech and Language Pathologist at North Shore Pediatric Therapy Language is essentially all about sharing; sharing ideas, thoughts, needs, etc. This sharing begins in infancy when a parent is the primary... To read more >>>

Tea Party Time!

Chef Kristi and Chef Rich closed our Second Winter Session with a celebratory springtime tea party! The cuisine, though dainty, was delicious and a very loveable lunchtime treat for our Taste Buddies’ kids. Try the following recipes at... To read more >>>

Miss Tamara, March Team Member of the Month

When we think of a true Renaissance woman, unstoppable idea generator and life enthusiast, we think of none other than our New Business Director, Tamara Nolte. Tamara has been a team member of Bubbles Academy since the doors opened on... To read more >>>

King Potato & Queen Strawberry!

Chef Kristi and Chef Rich began the session with two American delicacies — baked potatoes and strawberry shortcake! These recipes (created, tasted and approved by our Taste Buddies’ kids) are sure to bring a crowd to your kitchen! ... To read more >>>

Miss Meg, February Team Member of the Month

Meg Lowndes is the epitome of positivity and truly exudes “warm fuzzies." She plays such a key part in welcoming our families and very much so in welcoming new members of our team as Human Resources Manager. We are so thankful for t... To read more >>>

Sweet on Sandwich + Salad

Chef Kristi and Chef Rich cooked up many hearty, unique and satisfying dishes during our First Winter Session, which wrapped up last week right before Valentine’s Day! Here are some of their favorite recipes — created, tasted and app... To read more >>>

Miss Kirsten, January Team Member of the Month

One of the newest members of Bubbles Academy is Operations Manager Kirsten. In the few months since her arrival, Kirsten has rallied our team together, creatively introduced new procedures and displayed an admirable commitment to providi... To read more >>>

Let’s Do Lunch!

One of my favorite classes this session was when our Taste Buddies’ chefs revived your classic lunch items. We started by making some delicious sushi sandwiches (thank you to martastewart.com). First, flatten one slice of plain whi... To read more >>>

The “Push & Shove”: Advice for Parents on Pushing

As children grow and develop, they begin to take great notice of the other children around them. They are wandering away from you and looking to make connections with others. This is a great step! However, because they are just developin... To read more >>>

Backpacking Preschoolers!

This session in Bubble Bees, our two day a week preschool program, we have been traveling all around the world! Each day after we get reacquainted with our friends during Open Play, the Bees sit together in a circle and examine our map t... To read more >>>

Miss Becca, November Team Member of the Month

Miss Becca is our cartwheeling, glitterfying and hug-loving Artistic & Curriculum Director. She is also a golden representation of the caliber we aim for in our teaching team — warm, attentive and truly inventive in both originatin... To read more >>>

Pa-Pa-Pizza Day!

Our homemade pizza recipe is so easy to make! Plus, pack on the toppings to you and your kiddos liking.  As an appetizer to pizza, enjoy a Panzanella Salad: Roll out pre-made whole-wheat dough and bake it in the oven at 400 degre... To read more >>>

Miss Natalie’s Top Toys

Whether you are looking for some cool new toys for the upcoming holiday season, or searching for ways to beat the chilly weather blues, Bubbles Academy has got you covered. Here are my top picks for toys that will make your little ones h... To read more >>>

A Football Feast

During our second week in Taste Buddies class, we cooked up a menu well suited for a fall Sunday afternoon watching football! We started with some delicious Sweet Potato Fries:  Start with a clean sweet potato (peeled or unpeeled... To read more >>>

Independence, Occupations & a bit of Biking!

Bubble Step: Students are off to a great start to our journey towards independence. Grown ups stayed in the room during week one so that everyone could get familiar with the routine of Open Play, clean up, circle time, art time, snack an... To read more >>>

Mediterranean Cuisine!

We started the first day of First Fall's Taste Buddies with a very Mediterranean menu! As our warm-up, we mashed up chickpeas for our main course: falafel! Once those chickpeas were mushed up, we added a whole bunch of spices for flav... To read more >>>

Miss Sam, September Team Member of the Month

Miss Sam has been a ray of sunshine for Bubbles Academy since she began in early 2011. She will be bringing her glowing energy and animation as the lead teacher in both Bubble Bees and Bubble Step during our First Fall Session. We ar... To read more >>>

Dino Bees!

This week was Dinosaur Week! We got in the spirit by dressing up with dinosaur hats and tails. Our first book of the week was Ten Terrible Dinosaurs. We tested out our dino skills by marching, roaring and eating just like dinosaurs do! I... To read more >>>

Stepping Up the Silly!

In Bubble Step, we aim to get our students school ready by cultivating an appreciation for fun and a love of learning. Sometimes when feeling nervous or anxious in the classroom, it helps to just get silly!  We sang goofy songs in circl... To read more >>>

Step in Play-Doh & Bee a Potato!

Miss Becca: I try to take pictures in every class.  Most of the time I only get a chance to capture what I play with during Open Choice.  Last week it was Play-Doh!  We had such a good time modeling, rolling and cutting.  I love Play... To read more >>>

Bubble Step in the Clouds

Last week in Bubble Step class, we made cloud dough! This was a great way to foster independence and teamwork through measuring, mixing and getting messy together. First we took turns feeling the flour, and then measuring and pouring int... To read more >>>

Bubble Bees Talk Feelings

Today, the book of the day was When Sophie Gets Angry... Really, Really Angry by Molly Bang. This week we are reading books that talk about feelings. Bang's book was a perfect way for our students to learn about what to do when they get ... To read more >>>

Mex Fusion Meal

Our little chefs had a taste of Mex Fusion Meal!  Try at home ... We started class by shredding grilled chicken for our tacos. We placed our chicken, beans and fresco cheese on top of a corn tortilla and carefully placed them in the ... To read more >>>