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Mommy and Me Yoga Poses: 10 Moves to Try

Mommy and Me yoga poses are styled to suit both the experienced or green yogi. Postnatal yoga (or yoga with your baby) serves as an avenue for “getting back in shape,” but also is a compliment to your new life as a mom. You may find ... To read more >>>

Baby Brain Development: Learning Through Movement

If movement is one of the most important learning aspects of child’s young life, then why are we as parents constantly telling our children to sit still? “He’s such a good baby. He’s so easy. I barely ever hear him make a soun... To read more >>>

GEMS World Academy’s 5 Tips to Ease Private School Application Stress

Exploring private school options in Chicago? School search experts Jay Annadurai, NPN Board Member, and Ryan Hannon, Director of Admissions of GEMS World Academy Chicago, share advice to help anxious parents sort out the world of private... To read more >>>

Father’s Day Photo Shoots on June 14th!

Classic Kids Photography and Bubbles Academy are partnering for the 4th year in a row to recognize the special men in our lives and bring hope to those in need. Sign up Dad & kids for a Father’s Day Photo Shoot in support of The... To read more >>>

Transition to One Nap: Your Guide for the 2-to-1 Change!

The transition to one nap has a beautiful outcome — one less step in your routine and a move towards more quality sleep. However, changing your toddler’s sleep habits can be a shake up. According to Dr. Harvey Karp, author of The Hap... To read more >>>

Peek Clothing: Q&A with Chicago’s Newest Store’s Shopping Hosts!

Two wonderful things that come with spring — the opportunity to stride the streets and window-shop in the sunshine (at least that’s the hope, Chicago), and to pull out, replace and refresh your warm weather wardrobe. That includes th... To read more >>>

Toddler Separation Anxiety: 5 Techniques to Help Manage

Toddler separation anxiety is totally normal — who wouldn’t feel nervous about the unfamiliarity of a new setting with many unfamiliar faces? Separating from your child can be just as stressful for you as it is for him. We keep to... To read more >>>

Emotional Development in Infants: Know the Basics

New expressions and waves of first-time feelings — the emotional development in infants is outstanding to witness and to contribute to as a parent. Guest author Angela Hunsicker, shares an outline of the basics of baby's emotional g... To read more >>>

How to Encourage Baby to Crawl: Milestone Know-How

Though times have changed, this parental fear/question is timeless: how to encourage baby to crawl? I very often worried about whether my daughter would crawl at all since we had a a very difficult tummy time experience together. It wasn... To read more >>>

10 Tips for Mindful MOMents

“Now is the only moment that matters.”  Deepak Chopra Guest Author, Annmarie Chereso, is a single mother of three awesome kids 15, 13, 9, Founder at Project Mindfulness and Co-Founder of Positively Mindful Parenting. Below are he... To read more >>>

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