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Miss Natalie’s Top Toys

Whether you are looking for some cool new toys for the upcoming holiday season, or searching for ways to beat the chilly weather blues, Bubbles Academy has got you covered. Here are my top picks for toys that will make your little ones h... To read more >>>

Picky Eaters 101

Many people start the New Year wanting to change their eating habits and/or diet. Perhaps this gets you thinking about what your child does or does not eat. If you have one or more picky eaters, making these changes might be a bit more c... To read more >>>

Let Them Choose

As a teacher of new parents, preschoolers, and every age group in between at Bubbles Academy, I see how giving little ones choices can be both an effective disciplinary strategy and an opportunity to build independence and confidence in ... To read more >>>

Top 5 types of books to share with ages 0-5

Everything we do at Bubbles Academy centers around nurturing your child’s development and instilling a love of learning from day one!  We love sharing stories of all shapes and sizes and I’m excited to share my recommendations for t... To read more >>>