Early Childhood Education: We are passionate about arts integration & play within the classroom. Below are our latest thought bubbles on best practices in early childhood education.

Months and Milestones

The trip home from the hospital, a first smile, that look of recognition when she hears my voice, the newborn clothes that, one day, are just too small. The days fly by while I try to hang on to those moments... sleepless nights blending... To read more >>>

Preparing for Preschool

Preparing for preschool? Whether your child is separating from you for the first time or they are used to other caregivers and teachers, the first day of school can be anxiety-producing for parents and kids alike!  At Bubbles Academy, w... To read more >>>

Let Them Choose

As a teacher of new parents, preschoolers, and every age group in between at Bubbles Academy, I see how giving little ones choices can be both an effective disciplinary strategy and an opportunity to build independence and confidence in ... To read more >>>

Top 5 types of books to share with ages 0-5

Everything we do at Bubbles Academy centers around nurturing your child’s development and instilling a love of learning from day one!  We love sharing stories of all shapes and sizes and I’m excited to share my recommendations for t... To read more >>>

Behind the Music: Interview with Miss Kim

We sat down with our Senior Director of Music, Kim Schiefelbein to learn about the passion, mission and talent Behind the Music at Bubbles Academy! Could you share a bit about your journey prior to joining the team at Bubbles Academy?... To read more >>>

Early Childhood Education
Our school readiness class track is progressive! Beginning at 18 months, with the option to continue till age 5.