Parenting: Becoming a parent makes life extraordinary yet challenging! We’ve pulled together food-for-thought on ways for you and your child to experience positivity, good health and balance each and every day.

Baby Proof for the Holidays: 6 Tips

Learning how to baby proof your home for the holidays does not have to be a “Scrooge-ish” task! Here are six simple tips for preventing accidents while hosting or traveling. Remember, your child’s health and safety is the greatest ... To read more >>>

Months and Milestones

The trip home from the hospital, a first smile, that look of recognition when she hears my voice, the newborn clothes that, one day, are just too small. The days fly by while I try to hang on to those moments... sleepless nights blending... To read more >>>

Let Them Choose

As a teacher of new parents, preschoolers, and every age group in between at Bubbles Academy, I see how giving little ones choices can be both an effective disciplinary strategy and an opportunity to build independence and confidence in ... To read more >>>

Preparing for Preschool

Preparing for preschool? Whether your child is separating from you for the first time or they are used to other caregivers and teachers, the first day of school can be anxiety-producing for parents and kids alike!  At Bubbles Academy, w... To read more >>>

Picky Eaters 101

Many people start the New Year wanting to change their eating habits and/or diet. Perhaps this gets you thinking about what your child does or does not eat. If you have one or more picky eaters, making these changes might be a bit more c... To read more >>>

Sleep Training: 6 Easy, Guilt-free Steps

By Eirene Heidelberger. Eirene is the founder of GIT Mom, and she’s here to help you Get It Together, Moms! She is a certified parent coach and runs a full-service coaching firm dedicated to helping moms create more time to do the acti... To read more >>>

Infant Massage: Bond & Benefit

Infant massage is a phenomenal way to bond with a new baby and can be a soothing activity for both baby and mom (or dad). Recent research shows that there are possibly multiple health benefits to massaging your little one, like bette... To read more >>>

Mommy and Me Yoga Poses: 10 Moves to Try

Mommy and Me yoga poses are styled to suit both the experienced or green yogi. Postnatal yoga (or yoga with your baby) serves as an avenue for “getting back in shape,” but also is a compliment to your new life as a mom. You may find ... To read more >>>

10 Tips for Mindful MOMents

“Now is the only moment that matters.”  Deepak Chopra Guest Author, Annmarie Chereso, is a single mother of three awesome kids 15, 13, 9, Founder at Project Mindfulness and Co-Founder of Positively Mindful Parenting. Below are he... To read more >>>

Top 5 types of books to share with ages 0-5

Everything we do at Bubbles Academy centers around nurturing your child’s development and instilling a love of learning from day one!  We love sharing stories of all shapes and sizes and I’m excited to share my recommendations for t... To read more >>>