Cooking with Kids: Our chef hats are on, and we are delighted to share our dynamic kid friendly recipes and cooking experiences with you.

Purple Food: Recipes from the Rainbow

I take you to Purple Food Day in our Kids Cooking Class: Taste Buddies — the eggplants are sliced, the Parmesan cheese is cut into small chunks, and eight perfectly portioned cups of cider vinegar sit on the table. The purple food and ... To read more >>>

Tea Party Time!

Chef Kristi and Chef Rich closed our Second Winter Session with a celebratory springtime tea party! The cuisine, though dainty, was delicious and a very loveable lunchtime treat for our Taste Buddies’ kids. Try the following recipes at... To read more >>>

King Potato & Queen Strawberry!

Chef Kristi and Chef Rich began the session with two American delicacies — baked potatoes and strawberry shortcake! These recipes (created, tasted and approved by our Taste Buddies’ kids) are sure to bring a crowd to your kitchen! ... To read more >>>

Sweet on Sandwich + Salad

Chef Kristi and Chef Rich cooked up many hearty, unique and satisfying dishes during our First Winter Session, which wrapped up last week right before Valentine’s Day! Here are some of their favorite recipes — created, tasted and app... To read more >>>

Let’s Do Lunch!

One of my favorite classes this session was when our Taste Buddies’ chefs revived your classic lunch items. We started by making some delicious sushi sandwiches (thank you to First, flatten one slice of plain whi... To read more >>>

Pa-Pa-Pizza Day!

Our homemade pizza recipe is so easy to make! Plus, pack on the toppings to you and your kiddos liking.  As an appetizer to pizza, enjoy a Panzanella Salad: Roll out pre-made whole-wheat dough and bake it in the oven at 400 degre... To read more >>>

A Football Feast

During our second week in Taste Buddies class, we cooked up a menu well suited for a fall Sunday afternoon watching football! We started with some delicious Sweet Potato Fries:  Start with a clean sweet potato (peeled or unpeeled... To read more >>>

Mediterranean Cuisine!

We started the first day of First Fall's Taste Buddies with a very Mediterranean menu! As our warm-up, we mashed up chickpeas for our main course: falafel! Once those chickpeas were mushed up, we added a whole bunch of spices for flav... To read more >>>

Mex Fusion Meal

Our little chefs had a taste of Mex Fusion Meal!  Try at home ... We started class by shredding grilled chicken for our tacos. We placed our chicken, beans and fresco cheese on top of a corn tortilla and carefully placed them in the ... To read more >>>

Each week in Taste Buddies class, we focus on different cooking motions, like pressing, painting, rolling, and crushing!