2 to 3: Children at this age are more curious than ever! These class options celebrate the toddler’s spirit!

Creative Movement

In Creative Movement, children learn how to move their bodies and express their imagination in tandem. Class is a social and self-expression celebration! Miss Brittny encourages parents to "... take your tie off, act like a monkey, da... To read more >>>

Kids Art Classes: Art + Music

Choose Bubbles Academy for kids art classes, where painting, coloring, sponging and sculpting are combined with shaking, rocking and rolling! We engage students in a musical and movement filled circle time, followed by hands-on art activ... To read more >>>

Pre-Preschool: Bubble Prep

Our pre-preschool class introduces a love of learning through circle time, song, art, story and snack. In one hour and fifteen minutes, you will experience structured and unstructured activities with your child. Bubble Prep is the first ... To read more >>>

Preschool Prep: Early Independence

Encourage early independence and socialization in a nurturing environment.  Pre-preschoolers focus on developing strong listening and  motor skills necessary for Preschool, while caregivers observe from the sidelines. Each class inc... To read more >>>

Preschool Separation: Bubble Step

Within our preschool separation class — Bubble Step, parents take a step back as teachers create a gentle separation plan based on your child’s needs. Bubble Step is the final class in our preschool preparation series. In Fall 2014,... To read more >>>

Enjoying goldfish snack time!
Children are introduced to a positive classroom culture in Bubble Prep, Bubble Me, Bubble Step and our 3 Year Old Preschool program.