2 to 3: Children at this age are more curious than ever! These class options celebrate the toddler’s spirit!

Drama: Story Explorers & Play Makers

Our Creative Drama classes foster children's natural curiosity, love for stories and encourage speech and language development! We offer two different levels of this class: Story Explorers for ages 2-3 and their grown up Exercis... To read more >>>

Creative Movement: Toddlers

Develop confident walkers’ muscles and minds through playful movement. Toddlers and caregivers will interact with multimedia and props through imaginative play. Each class includes learning experiences such as: stretching, dancing, rol... To read more >>>

Art + Music: Toddlers

Inspire toddlers’ creativity and nurture fine motor skills through visual art and music. Toddlers and caregivers are guided through multi sensory based activities. Each class includes learning experiences such as: circle time, instrume... To read more >>>

Preschool Prep: Grown Up and Me

Prepare children for preschool and a life-long love of learning. Pre-preschooler and caregiver will coexperience condensed preschool morning together. Each class includes learning experiences such as: circle time, instrument play, snack,... To read more >>>

Preschool Prep: Early Independence

Encourage early independence and socialization in a nurturing environment.  Pre-preschoolers focus on developing strong listening and  motor skills necessary for Preschool, while caregivers observe from the sidelines.  Each class incl... To read more >>>

Preschool Step: Gentle Separation

Gain confidence in independent learning while experiencing a condensed preschool morning . Pre-preschoolers participate in this preschool preparation class on their own. Each class includes learning experiences such as: individualized se... To read more >>>

Children are introduced to a positive classroom culture in Bubble Prep, Bubble Me, Bubble Step and our 3 Year Old Preschool program.