Walkers: Step out and get moving with our original, imaginative and interactive class options!

Music: Walkers

Encourage walkers’ first steps and confidence through live music and movement. Walkers and caregivers will experience motor development and imagination activities that help motivate strong walkers. Each class includes learning experien... To read more >>>

Bubble Reach 2

Bubble Reach 2: Designed to develop core strength and confidence NEW! Bubble Reach 2 is a dynamic movement class designed for the toddler that is pulling up but is not quite ready to let go and WALK on his own! This program lays the... To read more >>>

Creative Movement: Toddlers

Develop confident walkers’ muscles and minds through playful movement. Toddlers and caregivers will interact with multimedia and props through imaginative play. Each class includes learning experiences such as: stretching, dancing, rol... To read more >>>

Art + Music: Toddlers

Inspire toddlers’ creativity and nurture fine motor skills through visual art and music. Toddlers and caregivers are guided through multi sensory based activities. Each class includes learning experiences such as: circle time, instrume... To read more >>>

Preschool Prep: Grown Up and Me

Prepare children for preschool and a life-long love of learning. Pre-preschooler and caregiver will coexperience condensed preschool morning together. Each class includes learning experiences such as: circle time, instrument play, snack,... To read more >>>

Happy walking feet and smiles!
"These are the best baby and toddler classes. The space is great, the teachers fantastic and you really feel like part of the family." — Marie, chicagokids.com