Choose an Open Play or Themed Birthday Party celebration!

Open Play Birthday Party

An Open Play Birthday Party is a freestyle playtime experience — with tunnels, balls, blocks, imagination toys and soft foam climbing structures. It’s ultimate Birthday freestyle fun! Our space is decorated with nature murals, an... To read more >>>

Music Birthday Party

We fuse song and movement activities to create a lively music birthday party experience for both children and adults! One of our star teachers will delight the young crowd with both energetic and classic tunes. The live concert is paired... To read more >>>

Adventure Birthday Party

An Adventure Birthday Party is a sensational fit for imaginative birthday boys and girls! We use interactive videos, props, costumes and songs to weave together an amazing journey. Unique Multimedia The interactive multimedia we c... To read more >>>

Art Birthday Party

Get ready for an Art Birthday Party, a true blend’n bash! Designed for budding young artists and imaginers, this party is both art and action! We include hands-on art projects and expressive creative movement activities. “The part... To read more >>>

Creative Movement Birthday Party

Get your birthday energy out in one of our frolic-friendly play spaces at your own Creative Movement Birthday Party! “It’s wonderful to see every single child enjoying himself and involved!” — The Lucas Family Birthday gues... To read more >>>

Adventure Party
“Everyone raved about the birthday party and the staff went above and beyond our expectations.” — The Radekes