Our 14,000 square foot facility is the largest in Chicago! We celebrate the wonders of nature within a contemporary & fantastical environment.

Space Introduction

“The place is just so giggle-worthy that you can't help but feel happy.”  - Alejandra Valera, Gapers Block We believe that a child’s environment shapes learning and behavior. Our 14,000 square foot facility is designed to ca... To read more >>>

Meadow Room

Our Meadow Room is a serene and fantastical open space to roam and romp. The brilliant lighting, large projection screen and cozy carpet makes it the perfect complement to our lively Music and Creative Movement classes, as well as our dy... To read more >>>

Ocean Room

Welcome to a phenomenal classroom space within a tropical ocean oasis! This space is home to our Arts-Integrated Preschool Program. Birthday Party Details: Dining Area This option can accommodate up to 50 participating children an... To read more >>>

Mountain Room

Enter the majestic wilderness. This versatile classroom is home to our our Preschool Preparation classes, Art + Music as well as Music and Creative Movement!  Weekend Open Play is also held in the Mountain Room.  ... To read more >>>

Tree House

The Tree House is an illuminated space for playgroup gatherings as well as classes.  It is also home to our sibling care, play center!


The Sibling Care Center

Our Sunrise Sibling Care Center, is a bright and beautiful room, filled with toys, games, books and puzzles to spark the interests of visiting siblings. We created the sibling care center so that parents and caregivers are able to enjoy ... To read more >>>

More Areas

We are thoughtful of details that provide comfort, convenience and enjoyment for our families: natural lighting, image projections, spacious restrooms, nature sounds and plenty of areas to sit as well as store your belongings during clas... To read more >>>

Creative Movement: Family class
Visit the Mountain, Ocean and sunny Meadow Rooms! Unlimited free admission to Open Play for registered families.