Arts-Integrated Preschool – Coming Soon!

Bubbles Academy’s educational philosophy of arts-integration combines content and skills taken from arts practices including dance, music, theatre and visual arts, with developmentally appropriate, early childhood learning standards and socio-emotional skills. We foster a vibrant learning environment that respects and values the needs of the individual learner in order to create a sense of collaboration and community.

Our curriculum takes children through their concentric circles of Self, Others and the Natural World to form connections in learning. This experience provides every child with the knowledge, skills, compassion and self-confidence necessary for kindergarten readiness and to succeed in collaborative achievement. The curriculum is a fully arts-integrated learning program in which children develop skills and knowledge of numeracy, literacy, music, arts, social-connectedness, and moral character.

The Preschool Day includes the following:

  • Open Play
  • Circle Time
  • Learning Centers
  • Snack and Story
  • Music and Movement, Visual Art, Drama and Yoga
  • Small Group Literacy and Numeracy
  • Project Exploration
  • End of Day Closing Circle

Using an arts-integrated approach, the children work towards mastering emotional and social development, physical skills such as fine, gross and sensorimotor as well as the ability to self-regulate. Other targeted skills include adaptive social behavior such as appreciating diversity, mastering self-efficacy, self-control and emotional expression.



Teachers: The teacher’s role in the classroom is that of facilitator and co-explorer; offering open-ended questions, child-centered activities, reflection and positive discipline to provide solid preparation for life-long love of learning. Bubbles Academy’s team has a rich background in the fine arts and early childhood education training. Our teachers are truly attuned to each child’s individual needs and developmental abilities.


How Parents Stay Connected: With a maximum of 6:1 student to teacher ratio, a bonded community is established, and parents/caregivers play an integral role. Parents will attend quarterly meetings with the preschool teaching team to learn about progress and growth of their child. We have an open door policy, parents are welcome to observe at any time.

Family Discount towards all Bubbles Academy Programming: As a preschool family, receive 15% off a music, art, ballet, etc. class registration for younger siblings! 

Free Open Play: Families registered in Preschool receive free and unlimited admission to our afternoon indoor play.

Preschool for 3 year olds
“Every great advance in science has issued from a new audacity of imagination.” — John Dewey