Nurture your child’s development through live music and movement.

Babies & Crawlers

Babies and caregivers will enjoy bonding, growing and making new connections while fostering baby’s urge to crawl and encourage cross-lateral motion through live music and exercises. Crawlers and caregivers will experience a variety of activities designed specifically to encourage this vital developmental skill. Each class includes learning experiences such as: tummy time, sign language, instrument play, and expert guidance from Bubbles Academy teaching artists.

Developmental Milestones

Cognitive Development: Your baby is at a rich stage in development. Our baby music class supports healthy brain activity as your baby is exposed to a new environment, faces and sounds, as well as new movements he or she will experience in class.

Sensory Development: Sight, Sound & Touch

  • We creatively incorporate puppet characters into our baby class to serve as a new texture for baby to feel.
  • Colorful scarves, puppets and the parachute are bright sources of visual stimulation.
  • Your teacher leads peek-a-boo games to help your child to understand object permanence.

Language Development:

  • Bubble Babies is flooded with songs and rhymes that provide your child with the opportunity to imitate both rhythm and pitch even before they are able to make formal speech sounds.
  • Your teacher introduces baby sign language practice. The symbols, gestures and eye-to-eye contact involved in signing with your baby provide a strong foundation for his or her language development.

Physical Development: 

  • During our jam-a-long time, we experiment with mini shakers and instruments to develop fine motor skills and to gauge your child’s response to sounds.
  • Our finger plays are easily learned songs that incite active clapping and kicking, as well as benefit language development.
  • Tummy Time during class strengthens young muscles, and it develops your child’s wrist strength, which is necessary for fine motor skills.
  • Our joy-filled group dances focus on your child’s core and strengthen their head, neck and shoulder muscles.
  • Bouncy songs, sung while baby lays within the lap, encourage rocking side to side to help build the gross motor ability needed to move into a seated position from a side-lying pose.

Social Emotional Development: Our goal is to create a mutually loved experience for you and your child. With music as the tie, the youngest of children interact with each other and discover their own individual personalities!


Encourage walkers’ first steps and confidence through live music and movement. Walkers and caregivers will experience motor development and imagination activities that help motivate strong walkers. Each class includes learning experiences such as: instrument play, dancing, lower body strengthening, room crosses, obstacle courses, open play and expert guidance from Bubbles Academy teaching artists.

Developmental Milestones

The Music: Your teacher performs live music — a dynamic combination of both classic children’s songs and contemporary favorites to inspire running, tiptoeing, stomping and dancing!

  • Audio development is an ongoing focus as children experiment with rhythm and volume through playing with instruments and with the parachute. Fine motor ability and coordination is continuously nurtured as we introduce two-handed instruments to our class jam time.
  • Each 7-week session of our music classes for babies, we introduce a new theme as an enchanting backdrop. Together we journey to such locations as outer space, favorite cities and nature-filled forests.

Speech Development: The repetition of class structure and songs each week encourages memorization and the use of new words and phrases.

Gross Locomotor Movement: In music classes for babies, our classroom space is your child’s field for safe, fun and highly celebrated silly behavior! We create a playground/obstacle course of soft foam climbers and tunnels for children to stretch and strengthen their growing muscles.

Social Emotional Development: Class tasks such as returning props to the teacher, choosing one’s spot around the parachute, and responding to the teacher’s question (“What’s on the magic screen?”) benefits a child’s early growth of skills such as cooperation, compromise and concentration.

Our intention is that every week of class provides you and your child with a mutually loved experience! With music as the tie, walkers gain confidence and enjoy very meaningful first meetings with those around them.

Family Music & Movement

Music-lovers & movers unite! Join this class for jammin’, singing, dancing & instrument fun!

This class combines Creative Movement for all ages, a family movement class and Music! Each class includes learning experiences such as: instrument play, dancing, lower body strengthening, room crosses, obstacle courses, open play and expert guidance from Bubbles Academy teaching artists.




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We offer you access to a compassionate team of teaching artists; a bright community of families to form lifelong friendships with, and overall piece of mind that the experiences enjoyed with us invaluably contribute to your child’s growth, happiness and confidence.

Empowering children with the gifts of confidence, curiosity, and creativity.

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