Summer Camp

CAMP BUBBLES 2015: Monday, June 8 – Friday, September 4

Ages: 2 ½ to 5

Time & Location: Monday-Friday, 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. at Bubbles Academy

Flexible RegistrationThroughout the 14-week period of camp, a child may be registered any number of camp days. Enjoy the flexibility of participating in camp one week, take your family vacation the next, and then return for more creative play and learning!

PRICE: Available for Summer Campers age 3 to 5

  • One day: $65 per child
  • One week: $275 per child — $55 per day, a savings of $50 per week!
  • Full Summer: $2,800 — $200 per week, a savings of $75 per week!

Prerequisites: All campers (age 3-5) must be potty-trained. However, for Camp Bubbles Jr. registered Campers (30-42 months), if not potty-trained, then caregiver must stay on site.

Camp Day Outline: We engage in art, music and creative movement activities related to the special theme of the week (see below for theme weeks). Campers will enjoy provided snack and a story followed by more imaginative games.

  • 9:00 — Gathering Activities (Open Play style with themed stations to stretch the imagination!)
  • Welcome Circle (daily dance party, hello songs and themed warm-ups!)
  • 9:35 — Art Projects
  • 10:00 — Story & Snack (provided)
  • 10:15 — Goodbye to Bubble Step Campers
  • 10:30 — Imagination Adventure (solve mysteries, dig for treasure, travel through time and much more!)
  • 11:15 — Sports Time (active games and free play on climbers)
  • 11:45 — Closing Circle (goodbyes, hugs & high fives, and discussion on our favorite part of the day!)

Camp Week Themes

ChicaGO: 6/08-6/19

Explore our toddlin’ town! The “L”, deep-dish pizzas and all things Chicago come to life through art projects and imaginative adventures.

Super Kids: 6/22-7/03

Suit up! Become a superhero, secret spy, or detective as you tackle puzzles, scavenger hunts and problem solving missions. 

Bubble Brainium: 7/06-7/17

Put on your thinkin’ cap! Discover outer space, dinosaurs, weather and other wacky experiments on your expedition to the wonderful world of science.

All About the Animals: 7/20-7/31

Morph into an animal!  Moo like a cow, eat like a giraffe and play like a dog as you learn all about the animals in a zoo and on the farm.

Sea Life: 8/03-8/14

Dive into the deep blue sea! Pirate ships, mermaids, and beach parties await you on your voyage across the oceans.

Once Upon a Time: 8/17-8/28

Jump into the story! Become a wizard, princess, knight, (or creature of your creation) as you journey through the pages of fairy tales, fables and nursery rhymes.

Music-n-Moves: 8/31-9/04

Get ready to rock! Make an instrument, have a jam session and shake your groove thing during your exploration of music and movement.


 Register online or by phone, please call 312-944-7677.


Snack Provided: Bubbles Academy will supply morning snack. Variety served includes Goldfish crackers and dried fruit. Please make us aware of any food allergies or dietary restrictions.

Drop-Ins: When Summer Camp is in session, we will accept new registrations up to 48-hours in advance. Acceptance of drop-ins on shorter notice is dependent upon open availability.

Refunds & Make-ups: There are no refunds for Summer Camp. If a camper misses a day due to illness, we will do our best to accommodate a make-up camp day, however, make-ups are not guaranteed.

Open Play Admission: We invite our Campers to Bubbles Academy in the afternoon for Open Play (great for those especially warm days).

  • Registered for 1 day: Free admission to Open Play during the week participating in Camp.
  • Registered for 1 week: Free admission during the calendar month participating in Camp.
  • Registered for full Summer Camp: Free admission for both Summer Sessions.

Accommodate Age Range: Camp teachers plan activities to be applicable to all age groups and they differentiate instruction based on child’s needs and abilities. Depending on attendance, we will organize the group into smaller segments by age.


Camp Bubbles Jr. for Bubble Step Campers (30-42 months)

Bubble Step: Gentle Separation program integrated into Camp — children (age 30 – 42 months) attend from 9 – 10:15 a.m.

  • PRICE: $35 per day or $150 for a week.
  • Steppers participate in gathering, circle time, art, story & snack activities. Our passion is guiding children to feel comfortable separating from their caregiver and to provide them with the specialized attention to both succeed and enjoy being themselves at camp, in the classroom and beyond.
  • Within July or August, you and your Bubble Step camper may feel he/she can comfortably stay for all three hours of Camp — a wonderful simulation of a full preschool day.

Register online or by phone, please call 312-944-7677. 

Camp Bubbles
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