We truly believe that your decision is the best decision for school this fall. That is why we’ve expanded our arts-integrated preschool to offer a virtual preschool program this school year.

Arts-integrated, hands-on and virtual!

This virtual and hands-on arts-integrated program will support your child ages 3-5 in sensory, fine motor, creative and social development facilitated by Bubbles Academy early childhood experts and guest instructors. You will have access to parent resources, a community of teaching artists and peer connections for your child as they explore a project-based curriculum.

3 days per week: Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Monthly registration
Ages 3-5 years

2 time options
AM: 9 AM – 12 PM CST – Enrollment full and waitlist full
PM: 2 PM – 5 PM CST – Enrollment full, waitlist available

Your Virtual Preschool Experience

  • Bubbles Academy’s educational philosophy of arts-integration combines content and skills taken from arts practices with developmentally appropriate, early childhood learning standards and socio-emotional skills. Click to read more

  • A full morning (or afternoon) of teacher directed lessons delivered over zoom paired with guided off-screen arts, nature and gross-motor playtime to engage your child
  • 3 days per week: Monday, Wednesday, Friday

  • Two time options: 9am -12pm CDT or 2 pm – 5 pm CDT

  • One monthly link to the parent hub houses your Zoom links, schedules, offline project guides and resources

  • Monthly supply list: Most are things around the house, complimented by links to additional supplies on Amazon

Sample Daily Schedule

9 am: Morning Circle Time. Warming up bodies through movement, voices through singing, and imagination through games!

9:25 am: Learning centers & small group discussion

10:00 am: Screen-free project exploration: Everyone follows the provided project exploration plan on their own, and the Zoom meeting remains open to ask your teacher questions if necessary via chat. 

10:30 am: Project sharing/snack: Show us your creations and refuel for the second half of the morning!

10:45 am: Special Guest Class: Rotating topics and instructors (Music, movement, drama, art, yoga, science, math)

11:15 am: Guided gross motor exploration – outdoor or screen-free time to follow a recess-style activity

11:45 am: Closing Circle – reflecting on the day and saying goodbye!


Monthly enrollment
$299 per family, per month

AM Session
Enrollment & Waitlist is full. Please check out our virtual classes and on demand options for supplemental programming.

PM Session
Click here to join the waitlist

Interested in scholarship opportunities?
Please complete this form to get in contact with us about potential scholarship opportunities.


Other Virtual Options

Bubbles Academy drop-in virtual classes can be a great supplement to the virtual preschool program, a homeschool program, or an option to engage your child while you are on the waitlist for virtual preschool.  30 minute classes across music, ballet, circle time, yoga, and imagination adventures for ages 0-5 are offered 6 days per week. 

>> More on Virtual Classes


What curriculum do you follow?

Our teaching philosophy focuses on real life application of pre-academic skills, meaning we weave numeracy and literacy into our arts practices and longer form group projects ie: engineering roads and road signs for our city, counting the students’ votes during group decisions etc. So, we will not be doing any sight words, flashcards or worksheets that are typically associated with building pre-academic skills. Our curriculum aligns with the Illinois Early Learning Standards, making sure that our students are prepared in a developmentally appropriate way for whatever type of academic journey may be in their future. We believe that play and social emotional well being are the most important aspects of preschool aged development.

For a deeper look into our process, you can check out the preschool curriculum page, as well as these blog posts:

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Preparing for Kindergarten During a Pandemic

Building Math and Literacy Skills Through Music

Moving Toward Literacy

Who are the teachers?

The Virtual Preschool Team consists of:

Preschool Director, Samantha Maxwell, M.S.C.D.
Lead Teacher Miss Jessica
Lead Teacher Miss Molly
Guest Instructors: Miss Amelia, Mr. Elliott, Miss Lina, Miss Sam and more!
>> Team Bios

Can I try the program?

Please note we do not offer trial days or drop-ins to Virtual Preschool, to protect the virtual school community that we are creating for our  preschoolers. If you are interested in learning more about our virtual class format, we are happy to enroll you in a trial virtual class (Circle Time, Imagination Adventures, Art + Adventure). We believe that virtual preschool does take a week or so to fully adjust to, and one class or drop-in will not be an accurate predictor for how your child will respond to virtual learning. 

How is tuition charged?

Tuition is charged monthly (on the 25th of the month prior) at $299. There are no additional fees, and we do not do weekly enrollment. Tuition may be paid by credit card or ACH.

Can I join from any time zone?

Students can join Virtual Preschool from any time zone. The AM session takes place from 9 AM -12 PM CST, and PM runs from 2 – 5 PM CST.

Where is Virtual Preschool hosted?

Virtual Preschool takes place live on Zoom. After enrolling, you will receive a link to a Google Site with all of the resources you will need – supply lists, offline arts guides, gross motor exploration guides, and the Zoom live class link. 


Tips & Tricks for Virtual Preschool Success
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Preschool learning at-home materials
Note: These are ideas, not the official supply list for virtual preschool 😉
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From a Bubbles Academy Virtual Summer Camp Parent:

“I was concerned that my kiddos would not connect or be heard.  I was BLOWN away by how connected my kids were from the drop in camp.  They loved it.  They were calling the teachers by name after only meeting them for a few hours, asking when camp was happening again, talking about other students in class. I was kicking myself for not doing it sooner.  My fears were put to rest. 

Bubbles Teaching Artists bring relationship building to class EVERY time.  This in my opinion brings my kids back.  They have ENERGY, PATIENCE, CREATIVITY, INCLUSIVITY for all kiddos, EMPATHY and COMPASSION for what they are doing. My kids share the silly things the teachers do, talk about them at dinner as they are part of their lives now.”

- Ashley W.

Virtual Camp Bubbles Parent, Summer 2020




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We offer you access to a compassionate team of teaching artists; a bright community of families to form lifelong friendships with, and overall piece of mind that the experiences enjoyed with us invaluably contribute to your child’s growth, happiness and confidence.

Empowering children with the gifts of confidence, curiosity, and creativity.

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