Inspire creativity and nurture fine motor skills though visual art and music.

Art and Music: Toddlers

Inspire toddlers’ creativity and nurture fine motor skills through visual art and music. Toddlers and caregivers are guided through multi sensory based activities. Each class includes learning experiences such as: circle time, instrument play, project-based art activity, sensory art activity, open play and expert guidance from Bubbles Academy teaching artists.

Developmental Milestones

Class Activities: Every two months of our kids art classes spotlights a new theme, from barnyard animals to different types of food. Our first art class structure includes a stimulating grouping of activities that encourage developmental milestones.

Community Building & Engagement: Each class begins with a gathering activity. Within the center of our welcome circle is a sensory bin filled with items that complement the session’s theme. The items are visually, texturally and audibly appealing. Pinecones, pompoms, rice, seashells and much more strike young children’s attention and imagination, allowing them the opportunity to practice transferring, matching, counting and classifying the items within the bin!

Cooperative Learning: In Circle Time, we introduce both classic and new songs through energetic dancing, clapping and waving of scarves and other colorful props. Circle time is a concentrated of community learning. We build auditory development as we listen to and imitate sounds with shakers and instruments. It also nurtures language development as your child practices new words and phrases.

Sensory Development: Art time calls for experimentation with a variety of sensational mediums, like spaghetti, shaving foam or model magic! Our creative tool belts are eclectic —flyswatters to paint with, cut fruit to stamp with and koosh balls for spreading glue.

Fine Motor Development: Fine motor skills are fully exercised during art time and after, during Open Choice playtime. We present stations like a light table, a sand table, pegboards and more. Open Choice cultivates parallel play between students, and is a strong foundation for growing skills like turn taking and sharing.

Art and Adventure

Our imagination class champions children to narrate their own dynamic adventure! We create collaborative masterpieces, improvise stories and then are off to solve mysteries, dig for treasure and even travel through time.

If your child has a flare for pretend and/or is intrigued by storytelling, Art + Adventure expands those interests and guides him/her through group exploration of theme content like rainforest exploration, super heroes, the world of insects, spy missions and more.

Developmental Milestones

Problem Solving & Creative Inquiry: Dramatic play is at the core of the Art + Adventure curriculum. Whether the student’s class mission calls for them to save the ocean creatures, unlock a hidden treasure trove, or make a shy unicorn feel welcome, they gather an array of skills in the course of problem solving.

In order to understand the full details of our mission, listening is very important, and we work on that along with both practicing answering and asking questions (Who? When? Where? What next?). Adventurers adopt new vocabulary each week, the title of a planet or an unusual animal, as we examine our theme more closely!

Collaborative Art: As we grow in friendship and curiosity, we may decide solving our mission means making with our hands. In-class art projects hold great creative scope, but also involve sequence of steps to build young attentions and introduce new textures and art mediums.

Adventurers problem solve through Drama and Creative Movement: the blending of movement and imagination. We embrace all students’ suggestions — let’s spin our arms like helicopters to travel around the world, let’s stomp to make new craters on the moon, or let’s pose like cacti to disguise ourselves in the desert. Both young minds and bodies are exercised!

We also view our environment with playful eyes: climbers become rocket skips, pom poms become ocean waves and your child becomes a celebrated adventurer.

Process Art

Inspire preschoolers’ creativity and build confidence in artistic choice through process art. Children are guided through multi-step art projects designed to celebrate the experience of discovery. Class projects explore sensory art, multiple artistic mediums, and short- and long-term projects.  Drop-off class for ages 3-6.

Sensory Art

Babies: 0-12 months

It isn’t too early to cultivate and nurture your baby’s inner artist! Babies can benefit from the expressive, exploratory and sensory nature of the visual arts. In class, babies and caregivers will be guided through sensory base art activity stations. These sensory art stations are designed to enhance your baby’s physical, social, emotional and cognitive development through the creative process.

Toddlers: 12-24 months

It’s all about the process! This class is designed for little artists to explore their creative process in an atmosphere that helps cultivate and nurture their independence, self-confidence as well as their fine motor skills. In this class, little artists and caregivers are guided through sensory-based art activity stations to promote the growth of their social, emotional, and physical development while engaging in the art process. Be prepared to embrace the mess in this class and then leave it all behind!