Bring the Bubbles Academy fun to you!

Bring the ARTS TO LIFE with Bubbles Academy teaching artists at your party, class, or camp! Interactive performances feature music, creative movement, adventure, yoga & more!

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Offsite Classes

A Bubbles Academy offsite music class is a fun, interactive way of engaging with your little ones and creating a sense of community wherever you are. Depending on your preferences, we can do either a 30- or 45- minute class tailored to the specific developmental stage of the children coming to class, whether it be Babies, Crawlers, Walkers, or a mixed age group. Our teacher will bring their own guitar or ukulele to lead the group in both traditional and original music and activities, and provide instruments and props for all participants to engage and play. Our teaching artists create a sense of joy and excitement through music and movement while also passing along useful tips to help families and caregivers understand why a song to a baby is so much more than just singing along.

Offsite Parties: Concerts & Themed Adventures

A Bubbles Academy offsite party brings the celebration and fun of a Bubbles Academy Birthday Party to you. Whether clapping along to your favorite children’s songs or using your imagination to swing like monkeys through the jungle, our teaching artists will create the perfect party for you. Depending on your theme and requests, our teaching artists will lead your guests in a 30-45 minute concert, dance party, or adventure designed to engage and entertain people of all ages. We will provide all of the toys, props, and instruments to make this happen; all we need from you is a time and place!

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