We honor & celebrate the birth of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and are inspired by his relentless commitment for pursuing justice and civil rights. May his words and legacy continue to raise our awareness and be a call to action for community organizing, providing service for others and nonviolent protest to combat inequality.

We also appreciate Britt Hawthorne and other anti-bias educators’ call that our approach with children and students needs to encompass more than teaching about heroes and holidays, but continually working to learn, reflect, affirm our students’ identities and advocate for the change of unjust systems throughout the year.

Miss Jessica, Lead Virtual Preschool Teacher, gathered this list of resources that you and your child can explore at home. In our Instagram stories, you can also find more ways to mark the day with your children through service with local organizations and small businesses.


  • Kido and Broadway Stars are sharing a virtual MLK Day celebration exploring his life and work through song and dance! It’s free! Get tickets here!
  • Check out the Chicago History Museum’s virtual event with events for preschool and up! Also free!
  • The National Civil Rights Museum is holding a virtual event! Some of the content will be for adults and older children but there will also be music and a storytime reading of “My Uncle Martin’s Big Heart”. Free as well!
  • Here is a PBS video for kids about the life and work of Martin Luther King, Jr.
  • Here is National Geographic’s page about Martin Luther King, Jr featuring some great pictures!
  • Here is a link to an art project! Building off of a color mixing project that the Jungle Room began at the beginning of the school year, students can explore mixing their own skin color.

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