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Money Sense Math

It's never too early to start developing smart money skills! We'll develop early numeracy and financial skills in this program, designed to introduce children 3 - 5 years to financial concepts through sensory activities and creative play. We'll learn about and play with coins, learn about the value of work and money, practice shopping, and more! Includes information for parents with tips to continue the conversation at home.

Developmental Milestones

Numeracy Skills: Sorting, counting, greater than/less than/equal to (prices in store), ordering coins smallest to biggest - we do all of these thing with play money and with real coins to get children comfortable with handling money

Decision Making: Deciding on what to buy ahead of time (before it's in front of you), making a decision at the store on what to buy based on value

Sensory Development: Each week we do an activity using money and a different type of medium to play with it and become comfortable with it- making Play Doh impressions, digging for coins in sand, stamping with coins on paper with ink.

Delayed Gratification: Setting a goal for something to buy and saving money each week to buy it at the end of the session!

Class Activities

Coin of the Week: we talk about its shape, size, color, and value. Practice counting by 1s, 5s, 10s, depending on the value of the coin.

Going to the Bank: we enact dramatic play to go to the Bank (on a long and winding journey, through forests, over mountains, across oceans) to deposit our money and keep it safe

Money Play: playing with coins on different themes each week- making patterns, stacking coins, sorting coins- all develop early numeracy skills

Smart Shopping: we make a list of what we're shopping for, then go to the store to buy it. We only buy what's on our list! We also look at what is cheaper or more expensive.


About Brain Arts

Brain Arts Productions is an arts education nonprofit based in Chicago. Our mission is to build financial literacy through the creative arts, using project-based and inquiry-based learning approaches to create life-long learning opportunities in financial literacy for young people of all ages.

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