Our movement classes engage children in developmentally appropriate movement skills while also giving little ones a chance to stretch their bodies and imaginations through inventive activities.

Creative Movement

Develop confident walkers’ muscles and minds through playful movement. Toddlers and caregivers will interact with multimedia and props through imaginative play. Each class includes learning experiences such as: stretching, dancing, rolling, climbing, following directions, cross-lateral motion, balance, obstacle courses, open play and expert guidance from Bubbles Academy teaching artists.

Developmental Milestones

Class Activities: Each Creative Movement class session is a high-energy adventure! We embark on themes like transportation, sports, the seasons and more!

Gross Locomotor Movement: Your teacher leads across the room run, dance and stop-and-go games, which exercise not only young feet, but also ears. While stomping, marching, galloping or even mowing with toy lawn mowers, Creative Movement students extend arms, legs and their vocabulary!

Sensory & Fine Motor Development: Your teacher leads students in the creative use of instruments, inflatables and colorful pom-poms as props when acting out stories within class. The transitioning between objects, as well as exposure to a variety of colors and textures, strengthens your child’s fine motor and sensory skills.

Cause and Effect: We erase images from the magic screen by shaking pom-poms, we tip toe under the parachute before it falls, and we pop waves of floating bubbles. Our teachers encourage an understanding of cause and effect and instill an early sense of accomplishment in students.

Cognitive and Social Development: An underlining element of Creative Movement is to grow children’s ability to listen, to focus and to embrace new interactions! 


Learn Ballet, the Bubbles’ way! This imaginative and playful class is a wonderful first introduction to ballet for our youngest dancers. We introduce ballet through a thematic, storytelling approach, so little ones get to be a part of a new dance adventure with props and costumes each week.

Developmental Milestones

Vocabulary: Students are introduced to ballet terms in a kinesthetic, musical and fun way to make learning stick!

Gross Motor Development: Students will warm up and stretch together, practice following their teacher (and their grown-up, in the 2’s class) and engage in all basic ballet movements such as plie, releve, jete, pas de chat and more.

Social Emotional Development: Students will work on learning to take turns as they demonstrate steps across the floor, regulate their bodies as they engage in dance steps with their grown-up or a peer partner in class.

Buddha Belly Kids Yoga

Buddha Belly Kids Yoga is a mobile yoga & mindfulness company dedicated to nurturing kids' innate desire for movement and play. We ensure that each program is designed to be developmentally appropriate and created with the educator’s touch. We explore yoga through poses, movement, and relaxation while encouraging creativity and fun! Children have the opportunity to let their creativity flow through our co-creation model. Our classes balance both structure and spontaneity as we honor each child’s unique energy. We incorporate traditional yoga poses and sequences and conclude with relaxation techniques to deepen self-awareness. Buddha Belly Kids Yoga holds space for children to manage stress, regulate emotions, become mindful, cultivate self-expression, and build self-confidence. 



Buddha Belly Kids Yoga explores yoga through movement, breath work, and relaxation while encouraging creativity and fun. Yoga is introduced through thematic classes and includes co-created poses, partner yoga, stretching, storybooks, songs, games, and more. We focus on finding the magic of yoga.

Empowered Big Kid Bootcamp

Bubbles Big Kid Bootcamp works to empower and enlighten: showing kids that they are stronger & more capable than they think! This class is a safe space for discovery through movement, learning to test their physical limits and connecting with peers through various athletic activities!
Drop off class for ages 4-6 years