Learn speech and language strategies and skills to enrich your child’s development with a licensed Speech and Language Pathologist.

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A certified and licensed speech and language pathologist will lead you and your child through a 45-minute class to increase speech and language development. Learn speech and language strategies and skills to enrich your toddler’s development in the Toddler Talkers class. Caregivers will learn and engage in strategies, songs, signs, and books to boost language and speech so your children hit their mile-stones on-time, continue learning more vocabulary words, and start stringing 2 or more words together at a time. Each class includes vocabulary development, a strategy, baby sign language, books appropriate to age, speech and language development around a  functional daily routine, movement, and a sensory component.

Developmental Milestones

Our Seven Weeks Together will include:

  • The Transition to Becoming a Mom and Maintaining Healthy Relationships with Kelley Kitley
  • Breastfeeding 201:  Pumping, storing and bottle feeding with Lactation Partners
  • Early Sleep Strategies with Janeen Hayward of Swellbeing
  • Infant Massage
  • Travel and Playtime with Baby
  • Baby’s First Music class, Baby Sign Language, Playtime for Baby and Healthy Development with Bubbles Academy teachers