We are an early childhood arts, enrichment and parent resource center, located in the Lincoln Park neighborhood of Chicago.


We welcome you to join us at Bubbles Academy! Our doors are open to you and your family seven days per week and we hope you make connections and build an early foundation here that will last a lifetime.

For Parents

New parenthood is an amazing and challenging time. For every smile and lovely milestone, we know there are growing pains, adjustments and a rediscovering of identity for parents. Bubbles Academy is here for you as a caring community to help guide and support you through the magical and messy first years of your child’s life. We have designed our classes to support your child’s development through every age and stage from zero to five and more than that, we hope to provide an additional support network for you, where you can ask questions, join in social events and provide a space for you unplug from the world and witness your child’s growth through art and play!

For Children

We celebrate the individuality and creativity of children from birth to age five (and beyond)! Our space is built for your little ones to experiment, experience, reach, tumble, run, roll, paint and grow. Our classes are designed for various developmental stages so that your child may progress through our curriculum from birth to age five. We are passionate about developmentally appropriate practice, early brain development and child-directed play. We offer a myriad of class opportunities, each with the goal of encouraging children’s confidence, curiosity and creativity as they prepare to be life-long learners and empathetic members of our community.

For Artists

Teaching Artistry is the backbone of Bubbles Academy. We provide a space where professional performing and visual artists may apply their passions in a meaningful way in the classroom. Teaching artists are champions of play, improvisation, multi-sensory activity and emotional intelligence. Bubbles Academy teaching artists possess a great love for children, their art form and creatively applying their skills and nurturing their students’ through and understanding of child-development and arts-integration. At Bubbles Academy, we strive to support our teaching artists by cheerleading their creative projects inside and outside of Bubbles Academy and providing flexible schedules, when possible, so that teachers are able to continuously fill their artistic wells and bring innovative ideas and energy back into the classroom.

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